Trigger Trust/Click on Click off with IFTTT

What you probably already found out, is that IFTTT does not immediately work with Click-on-Click-off (or Trust). This means that you cannot create IFTTT applets to control your Coco smart devices. Or is it?

Olisto instead of IFTTT

The alternative (read; extra tool) to connect your ICS-2000 is with Olisto (previously known as Triggi). Olisto is a Dutch company (jeej!) And you can tell by the links, such as with Click on Click off, but also with the city of Amsterdam and Dutch thermostat brand ‘Toon’. Olisto is not nearly as far as IFTTT, but is making good progress.

Olisto Connect

Olisto has the option to set a trigger via a URL. You can do this by going to (first of course also logging in), choose a name for the trigger and clicking on ‘build-it’. That simple!

From there you can use this URL (webhook) in the Olisto app on your smartphone or tablet as a trigger.

Olisto app

To use your new webhook, open the Olisto app on your smartphone or tablet and then go to ‘Triggs’ at the bottom of the screen. Then click at the top on the green button ‘Create a new trigg’ and choose ‘Add’ under the ‘IF’ section.

To use your webhook as a trigger, choose ‘Olisto Connect’. In the following screen, in this example we choose ‘Connector is activated’ and then the connector that you have just created.

Choose what type of connector you want to set
In this example I choose GA-Netflix









Then we set the ‘then’, or; what should happen if this webhook is activated? In this example I use a scene, which I set it in the app from Kaku. You can read here how to set a scene in the Click to Click from app.

So if I now ‘visit’ the URL of the webhook set in an internet browser, the ‘Netflix’ scene of Trust is immediately activated.

Now we have to link IFTTT!


Connect IFTTT to Olisto Connect

I will tell how IFTTT works at all in another blog. From now on I will take you from step 3; selecting the ‘that’.

For ‘this’ I have set the Google Assistant to be given a certain command, for example “Start Netflix”. So we go on to step 3, selecting our freshly baked webhook.

Search for the webhook service
Choose the web request tile







Then enter the correct values:

The URL of your webhook

Method: POSTContent Type: application / jsonBody: empty

Choose ‘create’


The link with an IFTTT service to your ICS-2000 is via a webhook, a URL that IFTTT can call to activate something in Olisto. In this example it goes as follows;

Google Assistant –> IFTTT -> Olisto –> Click on Click off

Incidentally, this seems cumbersome, but with more smart devices at home, you cannot avoid linking multiple systems together in a sometimes cumbersome way.


Would you let me know if it worked?